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How secure do I need to be?

Hi guys,
A rather general question from someone who's looking to make their first time SR purchase soon: How secure do I need to go?
I know it's probably slightly down to a matter of choice. I have the TOR browser bundle which I am using to browse SR at the moment and have read a few buyers guides. But there seems to be conflicting levels of security advise.
I have tried using a USB stick with Linux Liberte on it, however it doesn't support my wireless so will crash when accessing the internet. Will I be ok just using the TOR browser on my standard OS?
I'm also not sure how much Bitcoin 'washing' to do. My first port of call was to look at Intersango and buy from there and then transfer into my SR wallet. Are there any other levels of security which are widely used/advised?
Thanks in advance!
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Safety of BTC on SR?

I was just wondering how safe my bitcoins would be if I just kept them on my silkroad account. The reason I ask is because I just want to have a small amount there and use silkroad when i need to, rather than having to transfer BTC from different wallets to my account. Is it relatively easy for somebody to hack my SR account if i was to boot Liberte Linux and connect to a TOR network that way? Also if my SR password is 18 characters+?
Thanks, any advice and feedback would be appreciated.
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