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Synergy CryptoAdviser, NEM Colombia and PundiX Conducted MeetUp to Discuss Trading and Applications of Blockchain Technology

Synergy CryptoAdviser, NEM Colombia and PundiX Conducted MeetUp to Discuss Trading and Applications of Blockchain Technology
The event was a kind of appetite for addressing some of the issues that will be discussed during the cycle of conferences scheduled in August 2018
This week a MeetUp sponsored by Synergy CryptoAdviser in partnership with the NEM Foundation took place in the city of Bogotá , which was aimed at addressing issues associated with trading processes for cryptocurrencies and real use cases for NEM technology. The meeting counted with the special participation of Joao Victor Mendes, representative from Brazil of the creative company of points of sale PundiX, who spoke in detail about the operation of the devices and the work they have done to promote the use of digital currencies as a means of payment.
The first presentation was given by Pedro Gutiérrez, director of NEM for Latin America and president of Synergy CryptoAdviser, who spoke in detail about some considerations that must be kept in mind when operating in the cryptocurrency markets.
Gutiérrez touched on important aspects such as the "Trading Psychology" and the elaboration of an operations plan, highlighting the management of risk capital, control over one's own emotions in situations of gain or loss, establishing adequate schedules to carry out operations, plan the distribution of profits, investment strategies and monitoring of results.
Gutiérrez then illustrated the attendees in relation to the aforementioned aspects by sharing some graphs reviewed by the Tradeview program , reporting on a series of indicators that should be kept in mind when making commercial moves in the different markets. Aspects such as the Ichimoku spots, Bollinger Bands, Williams Line and the Moving Average were cited as some of the main elements to be taken into account when thinking about entering or leaving the markets, since these are highly volatile and can be easily influenced by speculative issues and OTC investments.
The next speaker was Rafael Torres, ambassador of NEM for Colombia, who addressed mainly the cases of real use in which the NEM technology has been implemented successfully.
Among the projects cited by Torres were the cases of GreeOx - a hydroponics company that redistributes to just manage the profits produced by the participants -; Copyright Bank - Platform for the registration of patents and copyrights in the Blockchain of NEM -; Tutellus - Service for funding scholarships that operates a ranking system with PoI technology to monitor student progress - among others.
Torres stressed that unlike other Blockchain, NEM allows the processing of about 4,000 transactions per second, making it one of the most promising networks for large-scale projects, in addition to the development of products and services can be done with languages ​​of well-known programming instead of learning especially about Solidity for such a purpose. He also stressed that the NEM Foundation provides technical and financial support for promising proposals that have the potential to generate great impact, so it focuses its work towards the development of the community.
The last presentation was in charge of Joao Victor Mendes, special guest from Brazil on behalf of PundiX, company that has carried out the production of the first points of sale / dataphones specially designed for the processing of payments with cryptocurrencies.
Mendes said that the company has a vision of making easier the access to digital currencies for interested people, so the product allows easy and practical people to make payments with critpomonedas for any type of product. or service as well as the possibility of buying from the business operator balances in any digital currency that he possesses. Everything mentioned above through the hardware produced by the company.
The point of sale can connect via WiFi to the network or through BlueTooth with the operator's cell phone. The balances received will be stored in the wallet for mobile devices sponsored by the company and those interested in products - services may make the payment with Bitcoin, Ethereum, XEM, Bitcoin Cash or other cryptocurrencies. The process of payment with digital currencies can be done in the most traditional way with a mobile device or through a card designed by the company which at the moment only works in the dataphones.
In relation to the card, the product is linked to the application for mobile devices sponsored by the company, so the balances will be added or deducted from the total balance handled by the user. In case of loss, there is a white card that allows you to recover the respective balances, which must be kept in a secure place to which others do not have access.
The point of sale has internationally guaranteed security mechanisms, since in case of theft, loss or misuse, it is programmed to self-destruct if an outside operator tries to manipulate the associated funds through the hardware. The use of the device also includes limits of daily operations of up to USD $100, requesting identification data and others in case of exceeding this limit in accordance with the provisions of the KYC policies.
Mendes indicated that the device can be purchased through the website of the company and has a cost of USD $300, while the cards can be marketed by the operators of the points of sale and have a base cost of USD $1 implementing discounts of more than 50% for wholesale purchases. The PundiX representative added that at this moment the company is looking for business partners in Latin America and that it already has many users around the world thanks to the innovative potential of the solution they have designed. At the moment the only place where they do not operate is in the US because of the regulatory difficulties that apply to traders.
This solution implements technology designed by NEM to facilitate the realization of transactions at maximum speed and at a low cost, since thanks to the tokenization process that allows the Blockchain of the foundation, the points of sale do not have to deal with the long processing times that involve transactions in the Bitcoin or Ethereum networks, which originally involve the payment of very high commissions as well as very long waiting times.
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[v3.1.0][Open Source][Python3] Avarice - Trading Bot/Infrastructure Update Released

Hey /BitcoinMarkets!
Site and Github Project
Last I posted, a new release of Avarice was in testing. I also mentioned the project goals, and some project plans in a comment. Recently, v3 went stable with some of those plans completed, and many fixes/improvements included. A big thanks goes out to users who have tested and supported the project allowing it to come this far.
Avarice was created to make simple multi-indicator trade strategy creation more accessible; all while having full control over your API keys. I believe the v3.y releases have aided tremendously toward this goal with some of the more notable changes:
There were also quite a few less notable and interesting changes:
I'm sure many users reading this are wondering "Why is this awesome project only on that one exchange I've read is untrustworthy, steals my infinite profits, and is responsible for Bitcoin not tossing back brews with the man on the moon?" If you were thinking those exact words, know a bit of python, and are willing to read a bit of documentation, you may easily contribute to the project! I've attempted to make adding exchange support simple. See the Contributing page for details on how!
Thank you again /BitcoinMarkets for your support!
Edit: It's worth noting that I used Wilder's MA method (aptly named WMA in Avarice) for DMI/ADX/ATChandelier Exit. Some sites use EMA, some use SMA, and I believe these affect the indicator's purpose and may add new signals especially in such a volatile market.
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Ichimoku Offering Good Trading Opportunities With BTC vs USD 7 24 18 Start Trading Profitably Today with Ichimoku For Beginners - Forex & Bitcoin - Make Money Online Analisi con Ichimoku BITCOIN/USD Ichimoku Cloud Trading Strategy - How To Use Ichimoku Kinko Hyo With Trendlines For Daytrading (BTCUSD) Ichimoku Kumo Analysis  7 Jan 2020

TradingView India. Heikin-Ashi: Instead of using the open-high-low-close (OHLC) bars like standard candlestick charts, it uses a modified formula. Out of which only following two are used in this strategy. High = Max (High,Open,Close) Low = Min (Low,Open, Close) Ichimoku Kinko Hyo: The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo system includes five kinds of signal, of which this strategy uses four signals i.e. Tenkan ... BTC/USD, “Bitcoin vs US Dollar” BTC/USD is trading at 6673.00; the instrument is moving below Ichimoku Cloud, thus indicating a bearish tendency. The markets could indicate that the price may ... EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF ... Price Orange - Chikou Blue - Senkou A Red - Senkou B Green/Red - The Clouds More information on how to follow the Ichimoku strategy can be found... 17. 0. Ichimoku KT&CS. playviet. Template Ichimoku minh họa bài học online về công cụ Ichimoku trong công đồng Kinh tế & Cuộc sống do anh Mai Tuấn dạy. Liên hệ: [email protected] 2 ... Ichimoku cloud is an indicator which helps us to understand dynamic supports and resistances.. This indicator is based on five moving averages, and the relations between them produce Ichimoku cloud which can give us proper entry/exit signals for a trade.. Ichimoku cloud is also called Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and it’s first invented by Goichi Hosoda who was a Japanese journalist. Step #1 Wait for the Price to Break and close above the Ichimoku Cloud Ichimoku cloud trading requires for the price to trade above the Cloud because that’s a bullish signal and potentially the beginning of a new up-trend. The cloud is built to highlight support and resistance levels and it’s supposed to highlight several layers deep because support and resistance are not a single line ...

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Ichimoku Offering Good Trading Opportunities With BTC vs USD 7 24 18

BTC/USD then spent the rest of February erasing losses. That is until it hit the daily Ichimoku cloud which has been acting as a resistance. Not only that, another resistance that prevented the ... SUNNY DAYS ON BITCOIN! 🔔 WHEN BTC GOES TO 60.000 USD? TURKISH TWITTER PHENOMENONS EXPLAIN! D - Duration: 16:31. Kripto Sözlük Recommended for you. 16:31. Oliver Velez The Most Powerful ... In this video I am just showing how Ichimoku has helped our members catch the BTC vs USD Trade from the beginning of the move! Ichimoku has levels where you can enter trades safer than not knowing ... Breve video su situazione attuale BTC/USD Disclaimer: QUESTO VIDEO HA SOLO SCOPO DIDATTICO E FORMATIVO E NON DEVE ESSERE CONSIDERATO COME UN CONSIGLIO DI INV... BITCOIN STRATEGY - HOW TO TRANSFER BITCOIN TO USD LINK : (BINARY BOT) join/ register