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Welcome to the infinite possibilities of winning Steem

Welcome to the infinite possibilities of winning Steem
Steem, essential motivation of CateredContent, sponsoring and promoting new projects. Steem makes a combination of ideas based on social networks to create a cryptocurrency exchange platform, public access, free of commissions.
Without distinction, anyone can be a user of this extraordinary platform; in order to create, share or promote content in this network of Steem, acquiring digital token (crypto-currencies), through productivity within the community.
With the innovative plans and new projects, it is reflected the amount of participation that has made this network a success in social networks.


Even though Steem, As the interface of Steem's online content, it is the most well-known application of the platform, other elements are present and complement the offer of available means to contribute to the community of Steem.
Version compatible with mobile devices Steem. Is composed of SteemMobile y Steem Surfer, and provides functions similar to those of the web version, including access to the tokens through an electronic wallet. Steem take advantage of decentralized technology to establish a peer-to-peer network, protecting you from external attacks.
Steem Monetary incentive for sharing content and participating in events.
Projects that we can mention:
D.TUB****E gets to improve the blockchain's scalability Steem, the application of Steem for video content exclusively, which bases its operation on blockchain and P2P technology, is commercial-free (until now), although users can advertise whatever they want, at their own risk. There is no algorithm that favors one type of content over another, so participation is totally fair. The DTube application runs on the InterPlanetary File System, IPFS. The money generated by the videos is paid by cryptocurrency Steem.
Utopian is a contribution center for open source projects. The user chooses an initiative that he wants to support with his particular talent and receives an incentive in return, according to certain parameters established by Utopian. Creative writers, developers, graphic artists, analysts, translators and others have in Utopian a direct way to participate in projects of this type.


It is a game application with collectible monster cards. The game is available only to registered users of Steem. For certain purchases, you can receive "cash-backs" in Steem Power to increase the relevance of the vote on the platform.
Steem Monsters allows users to buy or exchange cards directly through the blockchain ofSteem, which allow them to participate in tournaments in which players can win both prizes and glory. Steem Monsters will move around the blockchain-based assets that can be exchanged, bought and sold based on the block chain of Steem.
Visita and you can browse the listings Steem Projects.


This platform launched in March 2016 allows you to earn a token in two ways:
Buying: Ability to buy Steem on several Exchange platforms.
Winning: By participating in the Steemit community, publishing content, participating in events, the more value you get in these participations, the more profits Steemyou'll get.
Let's focus a bit on the evolution of man, not specifically in the physical, but in the means used to evolve socially, with communication develops its intellectual capabilities allowing to handle new tools that provide other skills to optimize communication.
With technological progress has begun the variety of media, starting with radio, television and nowadays smart devices and their social networks, the latter achieving acceptance for more than 10 years.
And it is that its profit is projected with only share and develop contents using the chain of Steem.
  • Encourages content creation.
  • Voting system, uses the option to evaluate the content and distribution of the tokens.
  • Stores the information generated in the network.
The novelty of blockchain in Steemis the “Rewards Pool”, from there the tokens are distributed to the users that create effective content. This means that tokens are created as long as there are people creating new blocks, distributing among the created ones, the more new people there are creating there will be more rewards for Steemit users.
With the participation in the publication of contents and participation in the different projects that Steemit promotes, users give value to the network, maintaining productivity and attracting new users, facilitating the distribution of the currency with the support of users to comment and vote on the published content, thus adding more value.
When publishing content the user receives:

Upvote, it acquires a value, which is shared equally among the tokens of the network. Upvote, is the way to express a taste for content, acquiring value.
Flag, is used to disqualify a content, either by containing spam, plagiarism, offensive language or incitement to violence.
Reply, ability to generate or respond to comments in publications.
Resteem, When we find an article that we consider high quality content, we share it with this option.
For Steem The issue of scalability is a challenge. The blockchain project in Steem was created to be a more active and efficient block chain, in order to cope with the influx in this larger social media platform, supporting 10,000 transactions per second, surpassing Bitcoin.
Steem provides a scalable blockchain protocol for public and immutable access content, along with a fast and free digital token (called Steem) that allows people to earn the coin using their brain (what can be called "Brain Test").
Value of Steem
Steem Power. Now I have the power!
Unlike the Steem, which is a liquid currency, being able to convert into SP, Steem power remains blocked for 13 weeks, the more Steem Power You have, your real vote is better. To finish, you can delegate Steem Power, that is, you can grant another person the value of your vote, but you still own the SP .
Steem Backed Dollar
The SBD tokens are designed so that the users who receive them know approximately how much they are worth in terms of "real dollars". The SBD tokens also offer a relatively stable currency for users to maintain if they are seeking to preserve the value of their account in relation to the USD.
Value of Steem Dollar


¡Con Steem es el momento!
Start writing your first post:
Website Steem Monters D.TUBE Whitepaper Twitter

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